Elma-live expands in 2023–2024

Raisa Siivola

Published last autumn, the digital platform will be further developed through funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. Elma’s content and tools will be expanded, and as well as serving the live music sector in Finland, the platform will in future provide support to international touring operations, other performing arts sectors, and audience development work. In addition, Elma’s core contents will be translated into English. – Home for Sustainable Music – is a digital and free platform published in autumn 2022, serving live music industry operators by providing information, tools and support for promoting sustainable development. The service is based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which cover environmental, social, and economic sustainable development. Elma users are able to learn about sustainable development, build a responsibility program, and share information and experiences with other users of the platform. Elma’s goal is to incorporate sustainable development organically into everyday operations for everyone working in the live music sector.

The platform has been designed and built with funding from the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility, administered by the Ministry of Education and Culture, as well as the Finnish Music Foundation (MES), the ESES foundation, and members of the network KEMUT (Sustainable music industry toolkit). In 2023–2024, Elma will be expanded and developed through new structural support from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

International presence for Elma

In 2023, Elma will set its sights abroad, on the international music sector. Responsibility is built from the same elements everywhere around the globe, but the practical work is often challenging due to the range of varying procedures in different countries. The industry needs more information on how international networks can ensure responsibility in their activities and to advance sustainable operating models.

Before commencing production on new content, however, the Elma project and Music Finland will jointly undertake a sector-specific survey on international activities. Another step towards increasing Elma’s international presence will be to translate its core contents into English during 2023.

Making tools available for other performing arts sectors

Live music performance practices have significant similarities to those in other performing arts sectors, and right from the first stages of Elma, it has become clear that tools for sustainable development are needed across other performing arts sectors as well. During the next twelve months, the performing art sector’s needs and their existing tools will be mapped together with other industry operators, and in 2024, Elma’s contents will be broadened to respond to the entire performing arts sector’s needs.

Getting audiences behind sustainable development

In 2023–2024, new content will be produced and added to Elma, in order to support all industry operators to better include their audiences in their sustainable development efforts. In addition, in-depth lessons on detailed areas of sustainable development will be added to the existing educational materials.

Creators, supporters and partners

The project is administered by the Finnish Jazz Federation, and the technical implementation of the platform is managed by Positive Impact Finland. The project has received funding from the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility, administered by the Ministry of Education and Culture, as well as the MES and ESES foundations.

Project partners include the members of the network KEMUT (Kestävämmän musiikkialan työkalupakki; ‘Sustainable music industry toolkit’). In addition to the Finnish Jazz Federation, the network consists of Finland Festivals, LiveFIN, Music Finland, Finnish Musicians’ Union, and the Association of Finnish Symphony Orchestras. The network was established in spring 2020 to promote sustainable development in the live music industry.


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