The Finnish Musicians’ Union Recognition Award 2023 to Finnish Jazz Federation’s Executive Director Maria Silvennoinen

Valtteri Pokela

The Finnish Musicians’ Union’s Recognition Award for the year 2023 has been granted to Maria Silvennoinen for her significant work in benefit of the music industry. Silvennoinen has promoted the industry’s responsibility, accessibility of jazz music, and community spirit both in Finland and internationally, guided by determined and positive solution-oriented approach. The award is valued at 5000 euros.

Maria Silvennoinen, the Executive Director of the Finnish Jazz Federation, has actively advanced the social and ecological responsibility of the music industry in her work. She has been engaged in project and network collaborations, implementing and piloting concrete measures within the activities of the Jazz Federation.

Silvennoinen has demonstrated exceptional initiative and capability in promoting sustainable development and climate work in the domestic music industry. She has successfully brought together a wide range of industry stakeholders to work towards common goals. Silvennoinen’s efforts are not limited to aspirations for a better world; work is carried out at the grassroots level, such as with the Jazz Federation’s carbon-neutral touring model, describes in the Finnish Musician’s Union press release.

Among other responsibilities, Silvennoinen has overseen the development of the Elma platform for sustainable development in the music industry and promoted the provision of tools for music industry professionals to sustainably develop their activities from ecological, social, cultural, and economic perspectives.

Before her role as the Executive Director of the Jazz Federation, Silvennoinen worked in Budapest as the Culture and Communications Manager at FinnAgora, as a producer and publicist for the Etnosoi! Festival, and as an artist manager at Allegro Artist Management in Finland and Berlin. She holds a Master of Music degree (MuM, Arts Management, Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki) and a Master of Arts degree (FM, Musicology, University of Helsinki).

The award was presented to Silvennoinen on November 10, 2023, at the Dance House Helsinki.

The 5000 euro Recognition Award is annually granted for significant work within the scope of the activities of the Finnish Musicians’ Union. The Recognition Award has been distributed since 1978.

Photo: Maarit Kytöharju