Finnish Jazz Federation participates in the international Better Live project promoting sustainable touring

Valtteri Pokela

The Finnish Jazz Federation and its several member organisations are involved in the four-year EU-funded Better Live – A Sustainable Circulation of Musicians in Europe project, which aims to develop and promote environmentally and socially more sustainable touring in Europe.

The objective of the Better Live project is to reduce emissions resulting from artists’ and audiences’ travel and to maintain – or even expand – the geographical diversity in concert programs. These goals are promoted through collaborative program planning among country-specific touring networks, enabling broader tours. It is expected that broader tours will reduce the carbon footprint per concert and increase cultural diversity per carbon footprint. This idea is also reflected in the project’s motto “for a bigger number of small events”.

The project has eleven main partners: Périscope (France), Bimhuis (Netherlands), Improvised Music Company (Ireland), G Livelab Tampere (Finland), Wytwórnia (Poland), Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene (Norway), Zavod Sploh (Slovenia), Plataforma Jazz España (Spain), Jazzahead (Germany), EMEE – European Music Exporters Exchange (Belgium), and The Cluster (Greece). The Finnish Jazz Federation and its several member organisations, led by G Livelab Tampere, form part of the Finnish touring network, responsible for organising around 30 concerts. In total, around 270 tour concerts will be implemented in nine countries during 2024–2025 as part of Better Live.

Members of the touring network become part of an international network of jazz organisations, learn about producing more sustainable concerts, and receive EU funding for their tours. The project calculates emissions resulting from the travel of musicians and audiences through data collection by participants and compares the carbon footprint of musicians’ travel to the baseline situation before the project. Additionally, the geographical diversity of the programs is assessed compared to the baseline before the project.

Better Live is co-funded by the Europe Creative programme of the European Union,
and the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund.