Teosto’s survey on equality and discrimination in the music industry

Valtteri Pokela

Teosto is surveying the state of equality and discrimination in the music industry with a questionnaire aimed at all those working in the field. The goal is to gather information on the experiences of discrimination among minority groups and their impact on the development of the music industry.

Teosto’s survey aims to assess how well inclusivity is practiced in the music industry. Responses are welcomed from composers, lyricists, musicians, producers, employees of record labels, publishers, and other industry stakeholders, as well as students in the field. The survey is open until March 3rd, and its results will be announced on Teosto’s website on March 21st, the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

The survey also seeks to provide a comprehensive picture of the presence of various minorities in the music industry. Information is sought on the status of sexual and gender minorities, as well as ethnic, linguistic minorities, and the disabled community as music creators. Additionally, information is being gathered on issues such as age discrimination.

Last year, Teosto, in collaboration with eleven music industry entities, conducted a survey on gender equality in the music industry. The Finnish Jazz Federation was one of the participating entities. The results helped initiate extensive discussions and measures to address the gender imbalance in the music industry.