Apply to Finnish Jazz Federation Tours for Spring 2025

Valtteri Pokela

The application to Finnish Jazz Federation tours for spring 2025 opens at 10.00 AM on May 6, 2024 and closes at 4.00 PM on May 24, 2024. Application instructions can be found in this article as well as on the electronic application form.

In the spring season 2025, Finnish Jazz Federation produces three domestic tours as inhouse productions. You can apply for your ensemble to perform on the Finnish Jazz Federation’s tours on March 10–18, April 7–15, and May 5–13.

Note: Joint production tour support will not be granted in the spring 2025 application round.

For inhouse production tours, Finnish Jazz Federation is responsible for concert sales and other production aspects, primarily utilizing the Federation’s national tour network.

Applications for the tours are submitted via a form, the link to which can be found in this announcement. You can only leave ONE application. If you have several ensembles, select the one that is the most active and topical. By applying, you commit to the band members being available for touring during the whole period.

The application period starts on May 6, 2024, at 10.00 AM and ends on May 24, 2024, at 4.00 PM. Late applications will not be considered. Finnish Jazz Federation’s board will make the selections, and the selected ensembles for the tours will be notified of the decisions personally. All tour applicants will be informed of the decisions by July 1, 2024.

Application Form:

Application Instructions


Finnish Jazz Federation commits to organizing 5–6 concerts primarily in Jazz Federation member associations over a nine-day period.

Tour 1: March 10–18, 2025
Tour 2: April 7–15, 2025
Tour 3: May 5–13, 2025

Efforts will be made to carry out the tours with minimal emissions, utilizing, for example, public transportation and electric/hybrid cars when possible.

Finnish Jazz Federation will produce the tours and cover:
– Musicians’ fees (230.59 € + 13.5 % vacation comp.)
– Sound technician’s fee
– Per diems
– Travels and accommodation (NOTE: primarily in twin rooms)

The starting and finishing location of the tour is initially Helsinki. The band members’ travel expenses to Helsinki and home from another location in Finland will be compensated by the Jazz Federation. Travel expenses from abroad will not be compensated. The sound engineer operates primarily as tour driver and manager if not otherwise negotiated.


The band must have quality promotional material ready by the time of application. That includes also music available in an online streaming service. Finnish Jazz Federation is not responsible for the band’s photos or other promotional materials, nor for example, social media content. Tour promotion includes a general press release and contacting media. The Jazz Federation promotes the tours on Jazz Finland website and the federation’s social media channels. A consistent visual identity, including posters and social media banners, will be created for the tours.


The application is reviewed especially regarding the following:
– high jazz-musical quality and originality
– professionality of the band (established status, releases and promo materials of good quality)
– topicality (new releases, tours, accolades)

Most of the musicians should be Finnish citizens or permanent residents of Finland. There must be a three-calendar-year gap for the ensemble and its leader since the previous Jazz Federation tour.

In artistic programming, Finnish Jazz Federation pays special attention to representation and diversity, regarding e.g. gender, age, physical ability, cultural and educational background.

For more information, please contact:

Valtteri Pokela
Communications and Production Coordinator
Finnish Jazz Federation
+358 44 5125578