Jazz Camp for Girls in Turku


Jazz Camp for Girls will be held for the second time in Turku from July 29 to August 1, 2024, as part of the Turku Sea Jazz festival program. The camp is organized by Jazz City Turku ry, the Conservatory of Turku, and the Finnish Jazz Federation. Jazz Camp for Girls is a concept launched by JazzDanmark in 2014, aimed at inspiring young girls to engage with music.

The goal of Jazz Camp for Girls is to encourage young girls to pursue music. The gender distribution in music, especially jazz, has traditionally been heavily male-dominated, with women often taking on the role of vocalists in bands. The idea behind the Jazz Camp for Girls is to offer the participating girls an inspiring and safe environment where they can try different instruments, play in a band, improvise, and compose music.

The jazz camp is intended for girls and those who identify as girls. The camp is aimed at girls aged 10–15, but the exact age is not a barrier to participation. The most important thing is an interest in trying band playing and learning something new together. Bands will be formed from both beginners and more experienced players, so anyone can join regardless of experience. The only requirement is a desire to play together and meet new friends through music.

“In Denmark, we organize over ten camps a year, and our long-term goal and dream is to expand this activity in Finland as well. We need various tools to correct the gender imbalance in jazz music and the broader music industry. Jazz Camp for Girls offers one proven and impactful tool to achieve this goal.”
-Maria Silvennoinen, Executive Director, Finnish Jazz Federation

“The idea is to get more female jazz musicians. They are still quite rare. I think this is a good way to inspire younger girls to discover instruments that are perhaps typically chosen by boys, like the drum set.”
-Bassist Kaisa Mäensivu (HS)

“I had actually never tried the electric bass before. This was the first time.”
-Elena Lönnroth, participant in the Turku camp 2023 (HS)

Two bands will be formed at the camp, each with 6–8 students. The camp instructors are bassist Kaisa Mäensivu, who is building an international jazz career in New York, and Jussi Karhujoki, an electric bass and pop & jazz band instructor at the Turku Conservatory. Under the guidance of the instructors, the children will get inspiration for playing through new methods and will create music together.

The camp program will be held at the Turku Conservatory (Linnankatu 60, Turku) from Monday, July 29 to Thursday, August 1, from 10 AM to 3 PM. Additionally, on Thursday, August 1, a final concert will be held at the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre, where camp participants can showcase their learned skills to an audience.

Register using the form found at this link by June 30, 2024. We will send a confirmation email to the registrants once the minimum number of participants (8) has been reached or by July 1, 2024, at the latest. Registrations are binding, and participation in the camp is free of charge.

The activities are supported by the Nordic Culture Fund and the Finnish Music Foundation.

Photo: Tomi Vastamäki