Maja Mannila Trio on tour in Sweden


Maja Mannila Trio, which represented Finland at the Nordic Jazz Comets in 2023, is currently on a four-concert tour in Sweden. The tour is produced with support from the Swedish Art Council and in collaboration with Svensk Jazz, Finnish Jazz Federation, Nordic Jazz Comets, Minnamurra Agency and local tour concert organisers.

Maja Mannila is an impressive and virtuosic jazz/soul singer, pianist, and composer. Together with her band, Mannila performs her own songs, blending elements of R&B, soul, jazz, and gospel. Maja Mannila Trio also features the superb younger generation musicians Severi Sorjonen (drums) and Johannes Granroth (electric bass). The group has released two albums so far: their debut album Up & Down in June 2022 and Seasons in November 2023, both of which have received commendable reviews.

Maja Mannila Trio was selected to represent new Finnish jazz at the 2023 Nordic Jazz Comets showcase. The last slot in the showcase, featuring multiple bands, wasn’t the easiest one, but the band won over the audience with their energetic performance and stunning songs. Their performance resulted in two concerts in Slovenia for the trio. The group has previously performed in Germany, England, and Estonia.

Maja Mannila Trio

Maja Mannila – vocals and keyboards
Johannes Granroth – electric bass
Severi Sorjonen – drums

Concert Venues and Dates

Sun 21.4. at 18.00 Olofström, Cultural Center / Olofströms Jazzklubb
Mon 22.4. at 20.00 Malmö, Babel / Jazz i Malmö
Tue 23.4. at 19.00 Halmstad, Cultural Center Najaden / Jazz i Halmstad
Wed 24.4. at 20.00 Örebro, restaurant Kvarteret & Co / Örebro Jazz & Beyond

Nordic Jazz Comets is a collaboration network of five Nordic jazz organizations: Finnish Jazz Federation, Swedish Svensk Jazz, Norwegian Norsk jazzforum, Danish JazzDanmark, and Icelandic FÍH Music School. Within this collaboration, encounters and opportunities for joint learning are created between Nordic concert organizers and musicians through ensemble competitions, showcases, seminars, tours, and workshops. Nordic Jazz Comets focuses on young musicians and promoting their international career development.


Photo: Oscar Grönroos