Seppo Kantonen Trio on an extensive collaborative tour with the Finnish Jazz Federation and Free Voices agency


The extensive collaboration tour between Finnish Jazz Federation and Free Voices Agency encompasses 14 concerts across Finland, including a performance for school students. Taking place in the heart of winter, this tour introduces a new ensemble, featuring exceptionally accomplished jazz veterans, the Seppo Kantonen Trio.

Esteemed pianist and composer Seppo Kantonen makes a highly anticipated return to the traditional piano-bass-drums trio format in jazz. The ensemble was formed in early 2023, dedicating their rehearsals to Kantonen’s fresh compositions. The trio made its debut appearance at Kantonen’s 60th-anniversary concert on December 12, 2023, at Hietsun Paviljonki in Helsinki. This new top-tier ensemble will embark on the extensive collaboration tour in January and February 2024.

”The band’s expressive language is somewhat free but grounded in composition. In my opinion, I’ve only recently found a pleasing mix of consonance and dissonance in my compositions. Markku Ounaskari’s beautiful drum sound and Antti Lötjönen’s rhythmically strong bass provide the atmosphere for my pieces – both are sensitive and quick to adapt to new situations. Overall, the pursuit of clear expression is, in my opinion, the most accurate description of the trio.”
– Seppo Kantonen

Seppo Kantonen Trio

Seppo Kantonen – piano, compositions
Antti Lötjönen – double bass
Markku Ounaskari – drums

Concert venues and dates

Thu 11.1. at 7:00 PM Salo, Kuparisali / SaloJazz
Fri 12.1. at 7:00 PM Turku, Logomo’s MOVE Hall / Flame Jazz
Tue 16.1. at 2:00 PM Kalajoki, Virtasali / school concert
Tue 16.1. at 7:00 PM Kalajoki, Virtasali
Wed 17.1. at 7:00 PM Oulu, Tulindberg Hall / OMJ Jazz & Etno
Thu 18.1. at 7:00 PM Seinäjoki, Hugo Hall / Jazzoikoon!
Wed 24.1. at 7:00 PM Kuopio, King’s Crown / Kuopio Jazz & Blues
Thu 25.1. at 7:00 PM Kajaani, Congress and Cultural Center Kaukametsä’s Kouta Hall
Fri 26.1. at 7:00 PM Jyväskylä, Poppari / Jazz Jkl
Sat 27.1. at 7:00 PM Joensuu, Joensuu Conservatory / Jazzkerho -76
Sun 28.1. at 6:00 PM Savonlinna, Kulttuurikellari / Olavin Jazz
Mon 29.1. at 7:00 PM Kotka, Kairo / Kotka Jazz
Wed 14.2. at 7:00 PM Tampere, G Livelab Tampere
Thu 15.2. at 6:30 PM Saarijärvi, School and Culture Centre

Jazz – heard and seen!

Finnish Jazz Federation’s essential form of operation is national touring. The annual touring activities enable approximately 100 concerts in 40 different locations all over Finland. The concerts mainly take place in their member organizations. Four of the tours are in-house productions, and five are produced in co-operation with external producers.

Photo: Teemu Mattsson