UNESCO International Jazz Day 30 April


Finnish Jazz Federation challenges you to take part in UNESCO’s International Jazz Day celebration and Jazz Day campaign! In this article, you’ll find the social media materials, instructions, and background information for Jazz Day 2024.

The Finnish Jazz Federation encourages all those involved in the jazz scene and all jazz enthusiasts to celebrate UNESCO’s International Jazz Day through events and tributes, both big and small. In 2024, the campaign aims to raise awareness of both this milestone day and jazz’s role as a herald of peace, intercultural dialogue, equality, and human rights. In Finland, the day’s festivities go hand in hand with May Day celebrations.

Join us in celebrating International Jazz Day on social media! You can find campaign imagery via the links below. The official faces of our International Jazz Day campaign 2024 are Finnish jazz musicians Abdissa ”Mamba” Assefa and Aili Ikonen.

Organize your event on International Jazz Day

Celebrate International Jazz Day with your own event! If you organize a concert or other jazz-related program on April 30th or the week leading up to it (from April 22nd onwards), inform the Jazz Federation at We will feature highlights of the day’s events in Finland on the Jazz Day campaign channels.

Here are just a few examples of ways to participate:

  • Organize a concert, jam session, or jazz lecture
  • Arrange a jazz-themed May Day event
  • Dedicate your club’s program in the week leading up to Jazz Day to International Jazz Day

Register your event on the International Jazz Day website

For international visibility, register your event on the UNESCO International Jazz Day website as well. The umbrella project highlights the events listed on its website in its own communications.

Here are the registration instructions for the International Jazz Day website:

  • Register your event on the IJD website using the form provided:
  • Follow IJD’s accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and subscribe to the IJD newsletter

Publish your own jazz-themed updates


Share jazz-related posts on your social media accounts on April 30th. Use the official hashtags #jazzday, #jazzdag, and #jazzday, and we’ll feature them on the Jazz Federation’s channels throughout the day.

Anyone can participate in celebrating International Jazz Day, and the opportunities to express love for jazz are limitless. Here are just a few examples of ways to participate on April 30th:

  • Share your most memorable jazz moments
  • Share a post about your practice session or lesson of the day
  • Organize a listening session of your favorite albums from your collection or showcase your favorite record

Link to images

Downloadable and freely distributable image materials:

Text material

You can use the Jazz Day campaign in your event press releases, for example, like this:

Happy UNESCO International Jazz Day on April 30th!

In 2011, UNESCO designated April 30th as International Jazz Day, officially recognizing jazz as a promoter of peace, intercultural dialogue, diversity, and respect for human rights and human dignity.

The faces of the Finnish Jazz Federation’s Jazz Day campaign in 2024 are percussionist Abdissa ”Mamba” Assefa and singer Aili Ikonen.

”At its best, jazz is about dialogue, freedom, choices, and a strong presence. It offers an opportunity to live in the moment and to share something created together,” Assefa describes the essence of jazz.

”The power of jazz lies in the connection between people. Jazz awakens, refreshes, entertains, shakes up, nourishes, embraces, inspires, and helps us see things in a new light,” Ikonen puts into words.

Let’s hear it for International Jazz Day!

#jazzday #jazzdag #jazzday

UNESCO International Jazz Day

In November 2011, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) officially designated April 30th as International Jazz Day in order to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the globe. For over a decade, jazz as an art form has been recognised for promoting peace, dialogue among cultures, diversity, and respect for human rights and human dignity. International Jazz Day brings together musicians, audiences, academics, and communities all over the world to learn about jazz and its roots, and to celebrate the future of jazz.

International Jazz Day is chaired and led by the legendary jazz pianist and composer Herbie Hancock, who serves as a UNESCO Ambassador for Intercultural Dialogue and as Chairman of the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz.

You can find more information on worldwide events celebrating International Jazz Day at the International Jazz Day website.