The National Jazz Convention in Tampere


Every fall, the Finnish Jazz Federation organizes the two-day Finnish Jazz Convention for its members, in conjunction with Tampere Jazz Happening.

The Finnish Jazz Convention include various industry-related discussions and training sessions, and the Jazz Federation’s annual meeting is held as part of the convention. The event also includes the awarding of the prestigious Yrjö Award and Yle Jazz Radio’s recognition, known as Varjo-Yrjö. In 2023, a new award called the Taimi Award, directed towards young musicians, will be presented for the first time.

This year’s Finnish Jazz Convention will commence with a welcome event on Friday 3rd November at Tampere Hall. During the event, Lassi Ikäheimo, Chairman and Producer of Viapori Jazz and Artistic Director of Hamina Tattoo festival, will lead a discussion on inspiring decision-makers on engaging with jazz. Following the annual autumn meeting on Saturday 4th November, there will be a joint discussion at Tampere Hall regarding measures outlined in Jazz Federation’s climate roadmap for more sustainable touring and increased accessibility of jazz through collective efforts. After discussion, saxophonist and composer Max Zenger will provide an inspirational speech about the world of audience development concerts in jazz.

The Finnish Jazz Convention has been organized in conjunction with Tampere Jazz Happening since 2014.

Photo: Maarit Kytöharju