Unpredictable F# feat. Pepa Päivinen on Jazz Federation tour in October


Pianist and composer Sid Hille’s ensemble F# feat. Pepa Päivinen will perform on Jazz Federation tour across Finland in October. The trio, consisting of Hille, Jori Huhtala, and Markus Ketola, will become a quartet with the addition of woodwind virtuoso Pepa Päivinen.

Known for their delightfully unpredictable live performances, the improvisational virtuosos of F# feat. Pepa Päivinen are embarking on Jazz Federation tour from October 11th to 21st. The quartet kicks off the tour in Kuopio on Wednesday, October 11th, followed by performances in Jyväskylä, Savonlinna, Joensuu, Oulu, Kokkola and Raahe. The tour concludes with a concert in Rovaniemi on October 21st.

Releasing their second album Scientifically Proven & Clinically Tested in 2022, F# promises surprises during their live shows. In concert, four acclaimed and awarded composers and musicians meet on stage to spontaneously create exciting soundscapes, tight grooves, beautiful melodies and captivating textures. Performances are often entirely improvised, without any preparation or pre-arranged steps. At times, pianist Sid Hille may spontaneously introduce some of his compositions.

The ensemble keeps both the audience and themselves in suspense; musicians Sid Hille, bassist Jori Huhtala, drummer Markus Ketola and woodwind specialist Pepa Päivinen stay on their toes, as anything can happen, and it usually does. An F# concert is a creative and unpredictable process that surprises and inspires both listeners and musicians.

Sid Hille feels that he is now in a situation with his ensemble that he has always strived for as a musical storyteller: ”There’s no need to adhere to any pre-established formulas or fit into traditional molds anymore. We can freely express what matters in that moment through our music.”

F# feat. Pepa Päivinen

Sid Hille – piano, keyboards, theremin
Pepa Päivinen – saxophones, flutes, clarinets
Jori Huhtala – bass
Markus Ketola – drums

Tour dates

Wed 11.10. at 18.30 Kuopio, King’s Crown / Kuopio Jazz & Blues ry
Thu 12.10. at 19.00 Jyväskylä, Poppari / Jazz Jkl ry
Fri 13.10. at 19.00 Savonlinna, Kulttuurikellari / Olavin Jazz ry
Sat 14.10. at 18.00 Joensuu, Pakkahuone / Jazzkerho -76 ry
Tue 17.10. at 19.00 Oulu, RioLive / Oulun musiikkijuhlasäätiö sr
Thu 19.10. at 18.00 Kokkola, ELive Jazz Lounge
Fri 20.10. at 19.00 Raahe, Restaurant Uunilintu / Rajatsi ry
Sat 21.10. at 18.00 Rovaniemi, Lapland Music and Dance Institute, Helena Hall

Jazz – heard and seen!

Finnish Jazz Federation’s essential form of operation is national touring. The annual touring activities enable approximately 100 concerts in 40 different locations all over Finland. The concerts mainly take place in their member organizations. Four of the tours are in-house productions, and five are produced in co-operation with external producers.

Photo: Jori Huhtala